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Posted by:  Mrs Flirty

Nov 26, 2016

This is Mrs flirty doing her naughty tease dance in one of her strapon costume - and DON'T WORRY this one is just for show and not intended to use unless begged to do so ;)

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  • Incredibly sexy.  She has an aura that not many girls have.  I've been following her in Microminimus.  Thanks for the nude memories honey
  • I got a real one like that here in my pants... If she wants to take it up her ass hole..
  • You are very sensual, the dance is fun time, have you used a strap on, on a male partner and did you enjoy it ?
  • Just love to shoot off to your sexy dancing; please send more; happy holidays; jj.brown136@gmail.com
  • she is, first of all, a beautiful girl. she'd be sexy even if she was dancing fully clothed
  • That was pretty awesome. And I'd totally do her - smoking hot!
  • In SA?
  • You are a very sexy woman!
  • You seem having fun ....! :-)) GREAT video. Love it naughty .... Xxx
  • Damn! That is sexy! She has amazing moves! You'd be a lucky man even if she made you take that beast... ;-)
  • I would never take that big a dildo, but for her I'd take a smaller one. Nice!
  • love to watch you take something that size in both the front and back door
  • I'm in lust!
  • Crazy wild fun!