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Posted by:  Alexis

Sep 7, 2007

Wife letting my friend use her nice pussy.

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  • Hey I thought I was your friend too...
  • You are one of the most sensual attractive girls ever!!!! I would love to please you in any way that you may like. LOL. JP & S (jpands@yahoo.com)
  • And how do we know it's a friends cock? You have to prove it by showing yours and his at the same time. She can hold one and suck one. Otherwie, we think you are just letting her suck your cock and saying it is a friends! Afterall, you took the pic
  • loser story line. why?
  • if you ever need another friend, give me a call PLEASE
  • Can I be your wifes friend too..she is absoluteley delicious...great pics your wife looks fantastic..hope to see more once again if your wife is looking for more friends..I am a friendly kinda guy...lol take care
  • gave your wife permission to screw around. you two were meant for each other.how many times does she get it while your gone? LOSER!
  • bet your bud there fucked you up the ass after the slut, huh
  • only a man that has seen their wife with another man understand the rush you get. It is so hot to see her get off that you cum way too quick. When you see her pleasured it is so hard to not cum immediately. This isn't fpr everyone, but those of you
  • man I wish I was your friend.
  • like to see more of her please
  • I wanna be your friend too! What a sweet Babe. She makes my mouth water and cock ache to give her joy.
  • Nothing is sexxier than watching your hottie get boned by a friend who knows how to please her...
  • That's you doing your wife. Pretty obvious you are taking the photos.
  • awesome...thanks alexis