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Over 26 years of Archived Content from Real Amateurs around the world

Nearly every single amateur photo from VoyeurWeb and RedClouds and every homemade video from HomeClips is in here!

FunBags is the largest, most in-depth archive of amateur pictures and genuine homemade videos on the internet.

From day one of the VoyeurWeb which was released in August of 1997 and day one of RedClouds which was released in 1998 and day one of HomeClips which was released in 2000, we've kept not only the best, but nearly ALL of the contributions submitted to our contests and published them here.

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What is Funbags.com - the archives of VoyeurWeb, RedClouds and HomeClips?

Its a gigantic database of nearly all the contris ever published by the VoyeurWeb Gang since the first day. Many sites around the web pride claim to have the largest, best, biggest or what ever website within the internet. Well, all we know is... proceed to the more info page to continue.

Who is displayed at Funbags.com?

All persons displayed at Funbags.com are of legal age, which means 18 years or older. Additionally persons who are of legal age, but simply look younger, are not displayed at Funbags.com. What is not in Funbags.com? There are absolutely no professional models, paid actresses, pictures or movies showing extreme fetishes, obscenity or animal sex at Funbags.com.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Any attempt to upload any type underage pornography to any of our servers, services, sites or forums will be reported to the authorities of the country of the sender. An additional notice will be send to the FBI. No exceptions, no excuses: zero tolerance.

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