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Posted by:  Rose

Mar 15, 2009

Ten years ago, on the 15th of March 1999 my first contri was posted here at VW. I recall the trepidation and the excitement I felt while I waited for it to be posted. The funny thing is that same feeling of trepidation has been there with every one of the hundred plus contris I sent in after that. You would think that it would get less nerve racking now that I am in my second decade here at VW, but the same old butterflies are at work. This is the third contri I have done with a business oriented theme, and I hope that you enjoy it .....

The seminar went pretty well I thought. The audience was attentive, polite and focused, which always makes these things so much easier. Still it was nice to escape the scrutiny of so many strangers, to take a walk to unwind, and then return to my suite.

Unfortunately checking the business pages comes before relaxing, because in the present circumstances the financial situation can literally change completely overnight. With governments seemingly trying to outbid each other with their stimulus packages and very little sign that anything can stop this runaway train to depression, keeping on top of all this is a nightmare.

However the reality of being on an exotic tropical island with the brilliant sun shining outside, and the superb white sandy beach right outside my door and knowing that I am going to soon be sunbathing in my favourite WW ... well it can set a girl's mind drifting to much more pleasant and erotic thoughts ... you might say an entirely different sort of stimulus package!

Rose @--}----

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