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Posted by:  Cute Girlfriend

Nov 16, 2016

We were having such fun and both love this song so we thought we'd try and do a more erotic clip for you all. We loved the comments off our first movies together and hope you like this too... We loved doing it!

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  • I could eat breakfast in bed.
  • Great but do away with the loud, annoying music!
  • Wounderful and what a great sexy girl.
  • That was amazing! Gorgeous!
  • She will always be "Cute Girlfriend". 
  • Sexy
  • my dick needs a squeeze now
  • Outstanding!!!!!!!!! And, perfect tits to add to the show!! =)
  • BOING !
  • Simply incredible action & music goes so well ????????????????????
  • Wonderful video except for the music - probably would have won the contest her moans of pleasure instead. She is gorgeous and we would love to see and HEAR her cum again. kkmmaa69@hotmail.com
  • Amazing, save the soundtrack. She's a doll-baby, and I agree with Darbyogill. Hearing her would have topped it off. Still great.
  • would have been superb, except for the music...we want to hear HER!
  • Sexy !!!