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Nov 19, 2016

The parade theme this year was politics (I think it was more about the big boobs running for office). There was less body painting this year; they're pricing the painting too high. Instead there was more street nudity (I'm ok with that!).

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  • Are these the Trump supporters CNN won't show? Good lord some of them are not easy on the eyes.
  • Put your clothes back on you ugly rednecks!
  • voted SUPERB for the Fuck Hillery painting
  • Photo 3 was unfortunate. Hard to imagine people broad minded enough to be at Fantasyfest but gullible enough to go with that political shit. Any political painting is in poor taste at an event like this - we all like skin and nudity - we should be celebrating what we have in common, not spoiling a nice bodypainting with politics (of either side).
  • Lost me with photo3...thanks again Florida livin' in your fantasy world and taking us all down again...2nd business major this time...watch out for what happened last time
  • I seen the woman in pictures 4 and 5 at F.F. for several years. She is smoking hot and I would love to see her post here on a regular basis.
  • WannaCum is funny!
  • sooo you ended up taking picts of ugly old people without any grace... was this a 50+ parade or you just have a thing for old people?
  • old ugly people
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  • WOW !! Who's the goreous Red Head withthe fantastic smaile and micro string. luv to wrap myself up with her for a month!! Yummy !!
  • Ya & F..K Drumph (-)(-)
  • Ya, you made it political!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SUPREMELY POOR! Ok, take a look at the Drumpf penthouse and then tell…so...you lazy decline of western civilization troglodykes who think an 'apprentice' has more ability, skill, interest, remember, we had a business major running our country before & we got f'd and we are still living with it (Hitler & Mussolini live). OK, so now report me. Still, I would like to know the education level you troglodytes A's who decided to have fun with America by dressing disrespectfully!