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Posted by:  Chloe

Nov 25, 2016

We were hiking on a nature trail and she felt like being a Cowboy, since we were in Texas, and she donned her cowboy boots and her blue jean shorts and a denim shirt. When we decided to take a break at a bench we found along the hiking trail I convinced her to take a few pictures to liven up our day.

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  • There is something magical about a true redhead and that milky skin!
  • Ride em cOWGIRL !
  • Beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!
  • Those are some world class boobies
  • See you on the Lone Star trail some day.
  • grand design!!!
  • You in just boots!!!!!!!!!
  • Spectacular beauty
  • You are truly Superb. Please do it without the boots.
  • Gordon, quit forgetting to show their asses!!! It's killing their votes.
  • v.good photo g. and model as well
  • Fantastic body, soooooooooooooo Yummy, I could eat you for hours :-) may I?
  • Yum Yum made me cum
  • Lovely, beautiful, wonderful. Very nice breasts and those legs go on for EVER! Love it.
  • OMG. I'm in love. She's so beautiful.