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Posted by:  Showsall

Jan 7, 2017

During a short holiday we went to the casino and we than decided to try some other kind of luck. After a photoshoot she decided to get it going... She was really in the mood soon after!

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  • FAARKEN HOT but yeah too short ....
  • WTF....10 sec.......
  • She is. Thanks!
  • Mmmmmm she's fun !!!! more please, thanks ncdave28570@yahoo.com
  • 10 sec???? Nice looking lady need to be longer
  • nice
  • You need a cock in your sweet superb booty to go with the vib.
  • Encourage her by giving her a high rating...
  • A bit longer would it be nice!!!!
  • What was going on?
  • Huh??
  • I think I missed it!!!
  • ??? beautiful but what was the point.
  • Wow!! 8 strokes. What a teaser. LOL
  • More please,