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Posted by:  Nude Nirvana NN (54)

Feb 28, 2019

Whenever I'm on a long road trip and enter a new state, I like to stop and stretch my legs at the state line sign. It helps keep the trip interesting and becomes an erotic postcard memory. Would you slow down, stop and talk to me if you saw me like this? It's actually happened a few times before for some lucky travelers. One trucker even smiled and said I look very familiar in my hat LOL. Just curious, what would you say to me? Let me know what you think with your vote and comments. I love to read and reply to them all! Thanks .... xoxo Nirvana

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  • jim1952, ... thanks Jim, Glad to know you enjoyed it so much and Sparky says thanks for compliment on his photo skills capturing me
  • rugrat3, .... thanks so much. Always love to hear from you and appreciate lovely compliment!
  • Thanks for showing, Beautiful girl, good camera work
  • Love everything about you!!!!!!
  • maxwezz20, .... thank you! At 54 I workout daily to keep my body in shape. Glad you enjoy all of it
  • You have such a hot ass and pussy!
  • Nick-n-miss, ... sounds great. I would love that
  • I'm afraid it would make me very horny and I may have the courage to ask for a taste!
  • cue728, ... ok good idea, but this was just a spontaneous photoshoot taken on long road trip. What you see is whatever I was happening to wear that day. I never plan ahead LOL
  • Some Strappy high heel sandals wolud be a good idea. Just sayen................
  • grey4vw, .... thanks, I’m just a 54 year old mom having fun sharing glimpses of my naughty side
  • I would ask- are an Angel o dream? Finally I'll take you to the fifth dimension....etc
  • Raul56242, ... thanks
  •  Nice i line it
  • zanderp, .... "very beautiful rear wiev against Arizona, thx for sharin your beauty" ... thank you very much. Happy you enjoyed these pics and watch for more from me very soon!