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Posted by:  Sun_Lovers

Feb 5, 2022

It looks like someone enjoyed our posts.  We received this Tribute and got permission to post. We sent him some private explicit pics for a thank you.

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  • So deserving of multiple tributes and spills.
  • So delicious. Have you seen my new nudes?
  • Nice Tribute!!
  • Funniest thing here , I'm jaggin right there with ya bro 
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  • Not exactly a fun video. But I did appreciate the thought of cum all over her face!
  • Well, that's one way to cum all over
  • We have masturbated to sunloves postings for a while. Sure would kie a 4sum with them nice tribute load
  • he lasted a lot longer than i would
  • Wow, that’s amazing!
  • I know that seeing that beautiful, sexy girl always brings on excitement and an erection for me also!  
  • I share his lust. She is a delicious cum target
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  • Wow, I did exactly the same to her!