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Posted by:  Momof4

Jul 31, 2023

Took the wife camping for a day. She needed some sun and R&R. This is all I can show here.

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  • She has nice titties
  • My kind of camping
  • I am definitely a fan!
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  • she deserves more R&R!
  • Would love to go camping with her
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  • Good start. More please
  • Love her breasts! Looks like a champ riding that one as well!
  • You can show more here. Shame on you for not doin it
  • Lucky dude ... I'd like to R&R her anytime ... I totally agree with Ralphie ... more more more
  • your woman is very sexy, wanna beg you to have her show more off that beautiful body
  • Hot
  • All of this for 1 shot of tits, -----10