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Posted by:  SBK

Aug 4, 2023

My wife in a little bikini getting lathered up

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  • So sexy.
  • I want in there with you
  • She is so hot!  I love it!
  • Your wife looks great in that sheer-when-wet bikini! I hope she is brave enough to wear it to a public beach!
  • Lose the bikini honey
  • Who takes a shower wearing clothes?
  • Stunning see-thru bikini on a stunning body more!!
  • wow superb hot stunning body. more of her beauty ciao have fun
  • Who showers in a bikini????
  • I’d rip the bikini off so I can fuck her a d
  • :woede:
  • That was hot, VERY sexy -- love the way she offered her body up -- I Want Some!
  • is this how the po folks go swimming  poor vote
  • She is Fucking Hot!!
  • Don't you have a washing machine