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Posted by:  Lady B

Feb 15, 2024

Huge hugs and kisses to everyone. 
I wish I were big enough to take you all into my skin.
Sharing secret photos is liberating and exciting. 
First as Dulcinea and then as LadyB it’ s lovely to share emotions and get in touch to you all, kind, funny and sensitive people. 
Writing anonymously allows us to open up safely, to confide intimate issues, to confess insecurities and perhaps feel less gravity and less lonely in our perversions. 
I think the VW staff don’t understand the emotions involved, but we have to thanks them anyway. 
I greet you all.
Ciao <3

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  • Is anyone up for sex?
  • Where is Trump Towers?  Just in case they have to take a shit.
  • Many thanks for your openness, Lady B, I love it. I am happy to show you my appreciation for your beauty and the way you express it in such creative adventures and pictures, and if it can please you, I will be delighted. Quite some people here seem to appreciate your style too. I used to be a great fan of Dulcinea and did find you looked like one another. Under this new pseudonym, you are getting more and more adventurous and creative, and 5/5 will soon become too low a rating for your contris ! Thank you very much indeed.
  • she is totally stunning with amazing titties and the kitty makes Me extra hard! 😜
  • Sexy lady with a great body! I wanna see more of that mini bush! Interesting concept
  • Are you sure these aren't fakes?
  • look out for king kong he has a huge dick
  • love the idea and your work---Lady B is super---great stuff!
  • fun photos and she is amazing !
  • Wonderful photos, both the conception and the superb subject :-)
  • nohill68, some photos were taken when I was breastfeeding, so the boobs were huge.
  • Fabulous photos! Well done! The lady is beautiful too!
  • On some photos, you have obvious fake boobs, on others, you don't.