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Bryce'Sbaby - Sandy Bottom (First Timer)

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Dec 1, 2002

I am nervous because I have never taken pictures like this before and I HATE MY ASS! Even around my boyfriend, I always wear a towel around my waist. My boyfriend always tries to convince me otherwise, but my self-conscousness persists now matter how beautiful he says my ass is. Recently we spent 9 of the most beautiful days of our lives in Costa Rica filled with laughter, love, and extreme amounts of intimacy. Bryce spent the trip worshiping my body. Comfort levels rose. I liked how much just looking at me turned him on. On our last day before going home, we took a picnic to our favorite (almost) deserted beach. Bryce had been wanting to take pictures of me the entire trip. On our last day, I finally decided to give it a try. I was very shy at first...what if I looked gross?!? But on the other side of the camera were the most loving eyes. I really wanted to do this for him. As it progressed, I got totally into it, barely noticing people in the distance. The experience actually turned me on a lot. The more excited I got, the closer I would let people get before I covered up. Since it was so exciting for us to be so adventurous, we thought sharing these pictures with your site would make the expeience even more intense. This set of photos features my bottom. Let us know what you think...we have many more pictures. Lots of Love...

A close-up of my sandy bottom. Not my favorite shot, but Bryce wanted to send it.

Damon: That's a fantastic shot...

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  • I just don't understand why so many gorgeous women think that they have figure faults. You are gorgeous and sexy as all get out. How about some updated photos?
  • Amazing body with the most perfect dimensions. Love the sweet rounded arse too. Yumm.
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