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Point (very)Pleasant Beach

Posted by: Budda Dude Jr.

Feb 7, 2000

Dear Kate and company, Another installment of our visit to Point Pleasant Beach after a Christmas/retirement party. This was Dec. 5 at 9 a.m., and it was at least in the 50's, so Pandora took a walk with me (and our trusty digital camera). She was wearing a winter coat and went barefoot, but by the time we walked up to the beach, all she wore was a beautiful smile, as you will see! There were other people on the beach just out for a Sunday stroll by the Jersey shore in the warm December sun, and some fishermen here and there, as well as a few onlookers on boardwalk. By the time the last few photos were being taken, someone drove down the street where she was posing on the bench, and by the time he got out of his car, she had her coat on, and were already heading back to our motel room. We'd swear he was there to see what the picture taking was all about, because right after we walked away, he drove off in his car. He'll only know what the session was all about if he frequents this website! LOL She's recently given up blurring her face on the photos as so many Voyeurwebbers requested she show her face. She feels her eyes are her best feature anyway. This 44-year old mother of three has received many wonderful comments on the BB for her previous contris, she hopes the comments will continue to be as favorable. As usual, PDPMEMA. Regards,

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