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Tracy Lets Loose

Posted by: Joe & tracy

Apr 3, 2000

Hi everybody I have been a long time looker at this great site but have never sent in any pics, It took a little time to be able to get my wife tracy to let me do it. It all started when we went to new orleans, there she was flashing everyone, I had to remind her about the new laws but it didn't make a difference. this mouth we went to the west coast with our new camera. soon as we got off the plane and we headed to the beach tracy changed her cloths in the car everyone was honking and waving at her didn't get any pics of this was kinda in shock! Once we stop at santa monica i got the first pic. Then she said take all you want ok who am i to complain, took a few more there, on the way to the motel i saw this car on the blvd stopped I turned around and she is flashing again, same day went to universal studios that's where the sign is there was a couple on the other side, the last on was at a phone both that night some were in LA, I said go for it all not thinking that she would and you can see what she did in the last pic. I have a lot more tell me what you think in the BB some will even have to go in red clouds bye for now.

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