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Starr (Babe On A Bridge)

Posted by: Ramlis

Feb 23, 2003

These pics were taken this summer in a beautiful part of Southern Illinois, the Shawnee Ampitheater Cave Complex. This bridge was almost washed out and very rickety and I just kept hoping that we would make it through the shoot without it tumbling down. Look for the rest of this set going up later this month and for me in a vid w/ me and my g/f.

Don't walk away.....come back, Honey....

My my....what a thigh.....

Looking good....

Damon: I gotta admit, I love this clothes.....

Pretty Pose

What is she up to?

Kiss your what?.....Ok

Damon: I'll pucker up

Starr's g/f Nadia...she co-stars in the video ....

An inviting pose...

Check out the nice fur between her legs (the outfit of course)

Damon: Thanks!

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