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Cape Cod Massachussets

Posted by: Herren og slavinden

Feb 5, 2003

In my younger days, I spent a month in Cape Cod, Mass. The last town at the tip of the Cape was called Provincetown. It was a haven for gay woman, they owned the coolest bars and the hippest stores. There were the most fantastic antique shops, with authentic pieces from some of those old, old homes on the beach. It was a beautiful summer, not excessively warm but very comfortable, and in one of those shops I met a young woman, Janine. Janine was the fourth generation, from one of those families that came over to the U.S. aboard the Mayflower (the ship with the first Americans, they liked to say). They were very wealthy, they had a huge home right smack in the heart of the downtown core, right on the beach. Some in her family chose to work, if that's what you want to call it. Some were brokers, others doctors, lawyers, and some, like Janine, played quaint little shopkeeper. At first, she was shy and introverted, but after a couple of nights of bingeing, Wasps like their bourbon, it had all passed. She had a little apartment, above the shop, which she kept, I guess for the same reason we were there. She had the kind of beauty like freshly fallen snow. She always looked and smelled like she had just stepped out of the shower. Look at th at smile! Life is grand!

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