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*Ch ~Lara~ Freezin' My A** Off!!

Posted by: ~Lara~

Mar 28, 2003

Hi everyone!! A few months ago I posted a series of autumn shots in the park, and hinted about going back in the winter. I wanted to try to do all 4 seasons at this same park, but I kept putting off the winter pics because it has just been so cold lately. I was afraid the snow would melt and I'd miss my chance, so I finally broke down & just headed over to the park. I spent almost 2 hours at the park, walking around with my tripod & camera in my bag, wearing nothing but the boots, socks, and long coat you see in the pics. By the time I headed home, my legs were itching & my fingers were really stinging from the cold. Fortunately there aren't a lot of people around in the winter at the park, but I did have to dodge a few die-hard dog-walkers (You guys are NUTS for being out in that cold! But if you saw me out there & figured out what I was doing, leave a message & say hi! LOL) Some of the shots turned out a bit dark (I really need a better camera!) but with outdoor self-pics, it's hard to get everything exactly the way you want. See you at the park in a few months when spring arrives! ;) Hugs,

Ahhh... nothing like a nice, relaxing day at the park with a warm mug of hot chocolate!

Damon: Holy moly!

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