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First nudies

Posted by: VW

Mar 28, 1999

Hey Kate, what a great site, the absolute best ! Please never quit. I am a voyeur-holic from way back and enjoy the voyeurweb immensely, what a great, safe way to get a fix, we need you ! Hehehehe. Being also a camera nut for years, I have a large collection of photos of naked (or almost) woman. I finally got up the nerve to send a few of my girl. Have been more of a looker than a shower, but this may be fun also. Also feeling guilty viewing everyone else?s woman without showing mine, so here are a few I have in my digital files. She?d kill me if she knew I took them let alone put them on the web for all the world to see. You won't tell, will you, hehehe. Have more, if you all like. Story: Canoe: My baby sometimes likes to sunbathe in the buff and sleep in the bottom of my canoe when we paddle or float around the lake. I had a new camera and was looking at it, studying the new controls and clicking the shutter etc. So it went unnoticed when I loaded it with film, put it on full program and auto focus and snapped off a couple of her while she slept. I was impressed with the auto functions. Woods: Riding through the Black Hills we found a place to play in the woods. I went off to relieve myself and grabbed my camera. Snuck around the trees more towards the front of her, she?s looking for me over there, and snapped off a couple as she waited for me to return. These were the first nude pics I took of her so I was shaking with anticipation of the thought of it,as one blurry pic will tell. photoman

Damon: ..yep..everybody should feel guilty and submit his wife..or girl...hehehe..

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  • Now that is my kind of woman...thanks for the mammaries...you are one lucky dude...ask her to pose more and let her know!!!! 
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