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*Hv Nothing But Sunrays! Nikki

Posted by: Lady in Black

May 9, 2003

Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher, Crew and Voyeurwebbers! Thank you all so much for your comments and messages on all my contris and on the BBs. You guys are still making me smile after every post! You're the best! Sunrays on my body? Oh yeah! This is my kind of contest!! And the prize is a trip to Hedo? ;)~ I think I have something you might like! Every April we go to Hedo II with a big group of friends and just have a blast. This has been a tradition for our little group and we have a blast every year. All day naked in the sun on a tropical island, dressing sexy all night, lots of drinking and good friends, how could it not be a perfect vacation? As the years have gone by everyone has visited both my site and VW to check out all of the pics we take while we are there, and to keep in touch. Well as soon as everyone was together they sent me and my sexy blonde friend down to the water to take pics for this contest. Seems they visit often enough to know about the new themes! LOL! Keep it up Kate! I had planned to take some shots by myself out on a float for the contest but if my friends want to add another girl... Hehe! I'm ready!! I hope you enjoy my friend and I rolling in the sand, wearing nothing but sun rays! Love, Nikki ;)

Told ya Hedo is kind of like an exhibitionist's Heaven! I can hear the prudes now, "Whoa dude, they're lesbians!" Asher, were you in Jamaica for spring break? Hehe!

Damon: Jeeze.. I WISH. I was actually looking to goto Mexico or the caribean to see some Wisconson cuties on spring break. Those girls just get all wild!!!! Maybe next year. However, I don't tan this well, I must say. Thanks Nikki for such a fabulous contribution again!

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  • Nikki, sei divina. Mia piaci, Ti amo.
  • Nikki, sei splendida ed affascinante; questo รจ un servizio degno di red clouds; mi fai eccitare; Ti amo.
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