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Sandy - Lava Flow

Posted by: DANNY

Nov 3, 2001

We recently returned from a nice vacation where I pusuaded my sweetie to get nekkid (for the most part) at a lava flow. not much else to the story here - except that she's a super sexy woman and makes me very happy! And now a commentary on blurring her face (long-winded) ... We've sent in several contri's to several sections, and have felt the need to blur faces to protect us (from what? read on). We ALWAYS receive rude comments on the bb and people voting 'poor' because we blur. I don't understand it. Some people don't blur and I can respect that. But we feel that it is in OUR best interest to blur - keep our anonymity as much as we can. Everyone has different circumstances and I wish everyone would understand that. Not everyone in this world is as 'open-minded' as the VW community - and even though you and I aren't afraid to be a part of this 'community', not everyone else in the world agrees. There can be serious consequences to appearing naked (or performing intimate acts) on the internet. I don't agree with that, but unfortunately, it's reality. We're not willing to risk it at this time. But we do have fun contributing and seeing other people's contributions. This is a fun 'hobby' and we will continue to participate. But it would be nice if people would respect that not everyone is comfortable exposing 'everything'. That everyone has different tastes, different motivations. To each their own, right? There are a lot more important things in this world to complain about, things that are threatening our freedom and even our lives. We're all here to have fun, so if you like a contri - tell the contributor, they'll appreciate it. If you don't, quickly move on to the next. There's something here for just about everyone, eventually you'll find a contri you like. Then take the time to post a nice message, you'll make someone's day. Best Wishes to all.

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  • Killer smile and luv short shorts, thanks for the mammaries and thighmuffs, Sandy,
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