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Pool Bago Shots

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Jan 14, 2002

Kate, I need your "professional opinion" and the expert opinions of my fellow VW members (both M/F). Snooped these shots of the wife catching some winter sun. Sorry, it was unexpected and the glass was dirty on the outside, that's why they look out of focus. Glass has been cleaned now, in case I get requests for more. Anyway, wife wants a boob job to "enhance her self image." She thinks her tits are too small. I like them as is (just enough to hold in my hands and squeeze those fantastic nipples, which unfortunately are not quite 100% erect in these shots). She's never had a complaint about 'em. Past boyfriends told her they were "perky." She would never pose for these even though she's not embarrassed to show off her body in person at a nude beach. In fact, a couple of times she has played a little teaser game there: She oils up real well and walks off a short distance from me (fully nude, of course) to find an unsuspecting single male. When she finds one who is sunning his back, she walks up to him, bends over at just the right angle to give him a nice look at those 35B shiny hard nippled tits that she squeezes together just for him and asks if he wants to have her put some lotion on his back, "because you look like you are getting a burn." So far, all have immediately accepted the offer without actually checking if they are burning or not (funny, huh?). So I think they must like them, too. What is your opinion VWebbers? Should I give her what she wants (a boob job) or should she keep what she has? If comments are decent, I'll probably share them with her. If I'm wrong about holding her back on the operation, then let me know. One doesn't usually find oneself in a position to ask others for an independent opinion about their wife's boobs, other than the doctor, who has $5000 to gain by saying "YES" and nothing to gain by saying, "Hey, they're pretty good as is."

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