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Nikki ;)~ Tight and Sheer

Posted by: Nikki ;)~

Jan 29, 2002

Hi Kate, Jerry, Crew, it was great to see some of you again in Vegas! When I first started to contribute to VW I posted a set of pictures of me in a sheer dress. I was never happy with them and said I wouldn't do it again no matter how good Jme said they were. But.... I love sexy clothes so I guess it was only a matter of time before I found another dress that I liked that was similar. I bought it online and when it arrived I just had to try it on. Jme was there with his camera, just in case I never wore it again. Hehe!! Well, I liked it. So here is my second try at me in and out of a sheer dress... I would like to thank all of you who take the time to leave the outstanding messages that I get each time I post. I'm still having a great time! I hope it shows. ;)~ It's been a great two years worth of posting for me (and Jme) and we have made some great friends doing this. Thank You!! Jme and I have worked hard to put together a site (Hosted by the outstanding crew here at Voyeurweb) that shows off our adventures and the pictures that go with them.Stop by and check it out http://fans.redclouds.com/nikki2000+ pictures, videos, a dedicated bulletin board,weekly updates, and lots more. We have a great time and think you will too. Love

Damon: Gorgeous Nikki, IM sorry I missed you in Vegas this time around.. I hope I get to see all you lovely ladies again...

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  • I haven't seen you in awhile sexy and lovely as always..troydjl@aol.com
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