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Charlene'S Drive To The Beach 1

Posted by: Charlene

Oct 16, 2003

I get so hot posting pics that I just want to post some more. This was on my way to the beach. Like the dress? I sometime wear this one without any panties also. Will post those next week. Love Charlene.

Do you want to see more of my butt?

Damon: Ooo, Charlene!

Or some more of my tits?

Damon: That cleavage is killing me...


I have been to the grocery store with this dress, You should see the stockboys follow me into every aisle.

Damon: she certinaly delivers a view!

Forgot the most important detail of the supermarket, dress on with no panties.

Would you like to see some of this dress with no panties? Just let me know.


Had to take a leak. I know nobody is going to protest.

Damon: Thank you!

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