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Nikki Silhouettes

Posted by: Nikki

Oct 12, 2003

Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher and crew! And thank you very much to everyone who left great comments on my latest contri. I am so thrilled that after all this time you still enjoy my pics. Saturday evening as Jme and I were sitting in one of our local hangouts watching the hockey game we began to talk about taking new pictures to submit. Kate's Blind Date contest for e-contri came up and we spent twenty minutes trying to come up with a way to be anonymous. We talked about trying to do single body parts and sent one of those shots in but it didn't get much attention. After who knows how many ideas got rejected we thought about this screen we bought to play with and had really never used. Maybe if we put a bright light behind it and I stood between it and the light we could get some silhouette shots! We had our plan. Well, it didn't work out. You cold see a bit of a shadow but not enough to make it interesting, so I began to pose with it in the background instead of in front of me. Jme began to play a bit with exposure and other settings on the camera and soon he had something like what we were trying to achieve. So could you pick me out in the dark? I know, the hair gives me away! LOL Love, Nikki ;)~

Damon: I think I would recognize that silhouette anywhere!!

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