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Dallas Fun 2

Posted by: G&M

May 25, 2002

Well this is part 2 our first was posted on May 19 if you want to see them. Something I forgot to tell you guys is that night we ran in to a couple at the adult theatre that were looking for the modeling suites and the girl was super hot. It would have been great to ask them if she wanted to pose with my wife, but it completely slipped my mind what an dumbass I am. By the way thanks guys for the great comments. Sorry that we cant please everyone but we will keep posting. My wife really enjoyed reading the comments everyone left. Well hello everyone and let me start by apologizing for the blur but it has to be. Anyways these were from a great night in here in Dallas with my wife. We were going out dancing and ended up at the Sans Souci dance club then from there we wanted to have a little more fun and ended up at an adult bookstore in a booth, where we had even more fun. It gets really exciting when you are in there with a beautiful woman who is extremely talented and people right outside. As you can see in the pictures she is gorgeous. I can only describe her look as being really hot. She can turn heads in sweats. You should have seen the people that night with those pants she wore. Anyways I could go on and on. If you are a couple with a beautiful woman or a single beautiful female under 30 please contact us, would love to get together and let's have some fun. These are in two sets. P.S. Sorry about the picture quality I took them with a cheap digital camera Thanks VW,

Damon: Dallas doll, you have to know you have one hot rockin' ass!!!!..

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