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Taz Here Again

Posted by: taz

Jun 4, 2002

Hiya V.W. Gang. Taz here again with the next set of pictures. Cyn is an appropriate name for this vixen. She is hot as hell and FULL of Sin.... She was a friend of a friend of ours. She was staying at the house for the weekend with our friend... I was even able to con her into a photo shoot. It sort of came about in an off handed way.... We were getting ready to go out and she had to takea shower as did my wife and me too. I offered to wash her back and Rachel (my wife) offered to take pictures. Well, I got real clean and even got one helluva Bl*wJ*b in the process. I actaully had a hard time finding pictures that VW would accept.... most of them were WAY to hot.... Unfortunately there wont be any more pictures of Cyn and I though.... we sort of got carried away later on and Rachel was a touch less than happy. She proceeded to screw my brains out. It wasn't a problem the first or even the second time.... but the third time she jumped on me Rachel was getting a bit perturbed. Hehehehe.... I guess I was pushing my luck a bit that weekend... but what's a guy to do when all the blood runs out of his brain and into his.... well, you get the picture. If ya like these... drop by Redclouds where I have the more explicit ones posted..... you can see all of my She-Devils there...And the rest of this set as well. I'm no playa.... I'm just one LUCKY son of a bitch!

Damon: This is when you know life is good. Any of her and the wife together?

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