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Cherokee Evening Beach

Posted by: cherokee

Aug 26, 2002

Hi Kate! Hi Crew! Hi everyone!! :) TC and I really wanted to take sunset pictures on the beach, but we got out there a little late. We were still very pleased with the results. We rode out to a beach on a military base, thinking we might have a little more privacy. Not too many people there, so we found a secluded spot, and started snapping a few. That is when I saw the MP riding by on his ATV. I told TC, so we kind of played it cool for a few, while he drove by. Well, back we went to it...and boom, here he comes again. I thought he might ask us to leave, or stop even, but nope! He stops his ATV and starts talking to us...LOL He kept casting side glances at my nudity thru the nightie, but he kept it cool. He said he would love to take a picture with me. *wink* He also gave us some hints on a more secluded spot. Some how, I think he would have loved for us to trek over there to do the naughty. :) We took quite a few of these, and I will be putting them up at the Hot Spot. Here is 10 of my favorites! We just got back from Florida, and I DID get sunset pictures on the beach there, so be looking for them!! Love and kisses, Equipment: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F707

Damon: Wow...I saw this shot on the BB and I was floored! This is definably one of my favorite shots Ive ever seen of Cherokee!...

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