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Monique in France

Posted by: Monique

Sep 30, 2002

I have send more than 200 people, who send his comment my pics with face, like i promesse. I also have write i go to France and sorry, i cant sent in this time a answer to people who send in there comment. Here are some pictures from my time in south France. On the last picture my reward for being a horny woman. I only sent this 10 pictures to do the People a pleasure. I dont want to be boring...... Here are some answers on people who send in a anonymous comment. For what I see this lady didn`t even changed clothes in a month!!.... We have washing machines in Europe.. I will not look at your pics again! BORING!!!!...... Please dont look again, the pics you sent from your wife are much better. What about those Hips! Monique ur a work of art..... i have hips, and your wife?????? stop now u boring ugly cow or else show your face...... i do, if you or your wife do to 100% silicon, I suppose! ............ do you think??? if your wife have weak tits it dont mean every woman have weak tits. where`d you get that outfit? butfuck ugly-like y......... In the USA i think, in the store next to the large size store you buy your clothes. ugly tits I hope you didn`t pay........be happy the are my, and not from your wife, now it is my problem and not yours. Ass Master These were posted last year!....... wrong... the are made and posted this year, nice tohear you have stil the pics from last year above your bed Al the people with stupid question are the same.... the dont send there E mail adres and are anonymous..... I dont know why..... the ask me and forget to send there E mail adres..... Why.. i think i know.. the are sillily.... For al the other people who send there comment............ Thanks and a large kiss,

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