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*Ls Nikki Lingerie Show

Posted by: Nikki

Dec 8, 2003

Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher, Genbushi and all the crew! ;)~ Our heartfelt thanks goes out to the men and women in uniform who spend this season far from home, family and friends. Regardless of politics or ideology the sacrifices and hardships service men and women endure around the world to keep each of us free and protected are very much in our thoughts as we celebrate. God bless, stay safe, and come home soon! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone around the world! I love sexy lingerie so the special theme for this month was the perfect excuse for spending an afternoon lingerie shopping for the perfect little outfit. Lingerie just puts me in the perfect mood! The stores smell great everything is sexy and lacy and soft, the sales people are friendly and helpful, and they don't mind when you play it up for the mirrors! Hehe After about an hour of trying on tons of sexy stuff I decided on a lace push up bra and matching garter belt with stockings. Can you tell I was really happy with my choice? ;)~ All of your comments to my contris have been great!! I still get a bunch of requests for some basic info so I thought I'd share that. I'm 32, my measurements are 36D-26-36 and I've been posting here on VW for about 4 years. I still love every minute of it! If you have any requests please let me know!! Thanks to all of you who make us contributors feel great all year long! You guys are awesome!! Love, Nikki ;)~q

Damon: Nikki is definitely good at teasing us..and then giving us exactly what we want!

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