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Lara - Frigid

Posted by: OT49

Apr 17, 2004

Sometimes a girl just gets too hot (or isn't that possible?) When I took some photos with ice 2 years ago, I found out that I got into it far more than I thought I would... and most of YOU found them exciting too. So after some urging, I decided to devote an entire series to ice, from head to toe. I think you can tell I enjoyed this... and I hope you enjoy them too! Thanks to everyone who left comments on my March contri "Follow the Lines". I love reading all of them!! To those who asked: I'm not looking to trade photos (I have plenty of my own thanks... LOL), and I don't have the time to email pics. You've probably seen plenty of me anyway if you've been around VW during the past 3+ years that I've posted here. And while I'm not looking to meet anyone in person, I always enjoy getting to know people in the VW chatroom (I usually use the name "WhoaBayBee there). And to those who complimented my photographer... THANK YOU! You may not have realized that I do all self-pics. I know they aren't perfect, but it IS rather difficult to capture what I see in my mind without seeing it in the viewfinder. I love hearing that you enjoyed the themes, composition, poses, etc of the photos. I just do my best and I love to share them. Thanks for making it fun! Until next time... Hugs,

Damon: Something amazing happens when you introduce ice...

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