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Felonie Playing With The Playmates

Posted by: Syntia

May 1, 2004

Hello everyone! Okay we decided to to show you our wild and fun night at one of the Playboy's 50th Anniversary Parties. We had a blast and wanted to share! There is a story behind these photos. Here it goes: Tattoo and I had a blast as you can see! From meeting some of the Playmates getting their autographs to looking at all the memoriabila. Leave it up to us to stir up some fun!! It just so happened that one of the displays set up was not only but Hugh Hef's Infamous Round bed! Being roped off with bouncers keeping watch most of the crowd did take some pics standing next to it and may just lean in on it as well. But me, I had to have more. I was like hell when would I ever get the chance to do this again or even be this close to one of Mr. Hef's properties! I looked at my husband and stated that "Man wouldn't it be awesome if I could lay on it Topless and have my picture done!?" "That would be a once in a lifetime thing to Lay On Hugh Hef's bed topless! When would I ever get the chance to do this!" Tattoo told me to go for it! Looking at him wild eyed I said "They might kick us out!" So the next thing I knew we were plotting how we could get this to take place! We decided to wait towards the end of the party that way if we did get kicked out we wouldn't miss much of the party! That wasn't enough for me though! I took it further. I just went and asked the bouncer in charge. I explained to him what we were planning to do and asked how much trouble would I get into to. He grinned and did say that they wouldn't kick us out but he was instructed not to let anyone pass the ropes not to mention letting someone actually get on the bed. He did agree though it would be neat and if we were hell bent on doing it waiting towards the end of the party would be a good idea. He suggested letting him know in some way (from where we were sitting he was standing directly across from us) to give him some sign that we were about to attempt it and he would look around for any Playboy Reps. and give us the thumbs up if all was clear. I was like COOL!! I walked back to Tattoo and told him what I had done! So it was planned. But the next thing I knew the same bouncer was waving me to come back. So I did and he told me that right after I had walked away one of the Main Playboy Rep. came to check with him on how everything was going. He said fine and then proceeded to point me out and tell her what I was wanting to do! She agreed and told him to tell me just to make it fast and try not to mess up the bed and to please make it quick! I agreed. Walking back to my husband I told him it was a goo! To have the camera ready! Waa Laa! The pic was taken! It was such a RUSH and I was sooo excited! I also got to take one more. A girl that we had talked to earlier on wanted to do it to but wanted me to go with her. Of course I did! Things got stirred up after that! I had men coming up asking to have their pics done with me topless! Of course with Tattoo's permission which I thought was very respective! I was very flattered considering I was among some of the most gorgeous women!

Me and two of the Playmates!

Damon: Which one's are the Playmates??

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