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Sp. K - Red-black Classic 3

Posted by: Sp K

Mar 8, 2007

Third and final contri in our retro series. As with the others, some of the shots are in both black-and white (for that vintage pinup look) and in full color (to show what those pinups might have looked like in real life). So what did you think of the idea - a good one or corny. Though we're just having fun, I would like some feedback and I just know I'll get some. But I love to read your comments - that's why I post here. Makes my day and gets me hot (which hubby appreciates). Anyway, enjoy me!

Hello again all.

Damon: Hello again back!<br /><br />I'm not giving you a <a href="http://wiki.voyeurweb.com/index.php/Orgasm" target="vw_wiki">headache</a> am I....?

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  • I would like to pet your pussy for you
  • could pose in copmplete nude with ur hair loose i was a little late in catching all ur contris but boy am i pleased that i havent missed it.ur one of gods sexiest creations
  • I went back over your three sessions,you recieved alot of positive comments and many guys want you; that must make you feel good. Let me pose a question to you, if it were only one individual sitting there watching you, and you couldn't talk to them,
  • You're beautiful, I'd like to see a photo session of you turning yourself on. and getting off.
  • Her white skin looks great with black nylons
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