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Kelly'S Little Rock-N-Roll Dream

Posted by: Kelly

Apr 6, 2005

Kelly'S Little Rock-N-Roll Dream Hey all, I have to tell you about this crazy dream I had! so in the dream I was hanging out at Denny's (high school flashback) and I just so happen to run into Izzy and Slash (from Guns & Roses and Velvet Revolver), and I was like, "Whoa, you guys are totally awesome, what are you doing at Denny's?" and they were like, "Oh, we come here for the pancakes." Then they asked if I wanted to sit with then and we talked about pancakes and rock-n-roll. I told them about the country griddle cakes at IHOP that I love so dearly (random). Pancakes and G&R, what more could a girl ask for? That dream was way cooler than the one I had a few months ago about a certain wussy actor that I went on a date with to the mall where we were holding hands in the food court. I then proceeded to make him do my laundry at his parents house while I looked at embarrassing childhood photos. How weird was that? I wonder what this all means? Oh, and the reason I bring this up is that in the dream with G&R, I'm wearing this exact outfit, striped shirt and fishnets with heels and the belt. In fact they complimented the look and I told them I had a shoot later. Though in real life I would probably added a skirt or something. I really have strange dreams.

See I had done this shoot first and then dreamed the G&R dream so that explains that

Damon: nice!

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