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Cynthia K - Hardcore Issues

Posted by: Cynthia K

Jun 27, 2005

Cynthia K - Hardcore Issues I can finally breathe now that University is out for the summer. But with one less thing to obsess over, I have an abundance of time to dwell on the other aspects of my so-called life. I appreciate everyone's concern for me, and I'm inspired by many of the comments here and emails through my website--especially the tips to relieve my sexual frustrations. LOL. I was surprised by the many requests for more photos of my "drinking binge" on the last day of class, so I thought I'd do my best to fulfill them. With any luck, maybe something will come out of the drunken brainstorming my flatmate and I have done about how I can get back with Brandon, the boy I was seeing awhile back that's in all those dirty sex videos and pics with me on my site. She thinks maybe he's been weird because I let him have anal sex with me. But as I told her, if I can get over my own issues regarding a penis entering my bottom, I think he can deal with his! LOL. I've also accepted that my flatmate seems far happier than I am, so if she says I just "need some sunshine fucked into me," I should at least look into it. She's blunt, but she may have a point. :)

For me, the ultimate in relaxation is taking my contact lenses out!

Damon: Yes! I adore Cynthia)

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