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Before And After

Posted by: one happy hubby

Aug 31, 2010

The first few pics are the last from our Tahoe weekend to give you the before look and the last few are to give you the first look at Milf50's new additions and the after look. She had her nipples pierced the day we left for home. There was just something erotic about watching another women first play with her nipples then shove a needle through them. Milf50 loves the look and happy hubby can not wait to be able to play with them! Thank you for all the great comments on the last set and hope you enjoy these as well!
Happy Hubby

Damon: Hello, sexy Milf50, and welcme to RedClouds today!

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All Comments (58)
  • Absolutely GORGEOUS :)) Can't stress enough how HOT you are...could go thru all the superlatives, but that still wouldn't do you justice ;) Love the pics of you getting rid of the tanlines....and must say that I would love to see peircings in those pussy
  • Never been to Tahoe, but heading there 10/1 - 10/5. Seven 50+ guys from college getting together after many years
    I would appreciate any ideas for fun spots to go.
    Thnaks for you contri.
    Got a 5 from me!
  • The new additions look good and sexy. Boobs that nice should have jewelry. Is a pussy ring in the making?
  • love your big tits, honey, and your lovely pussy. But I liked them better not pierced. but you look great with a cock in your mouth.
  • Lovely and sexy, a great combination. us more mature folks can still heat it up. thanks for sharing, hope to see much more. and action shots too. Gal and J 487313@hotmail
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