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Lexi - Get Laid, Get Fucked!

Posted by: Lexi

Nov 27, 2005

Lexi - Get Laid, Get Fucked! - I'm feelin pretty fucking good lately, but the weather totally sucks! Right now the top two things lacking in my life are sunshine and cock. Don't get me wrong--my life is lacking in other areas, but if I had either of those (or both) the rest wouldn't seem that bad! LOL. I'm still moving on from all the drama with my hot former co-worker Mike--it turned out he's married and totally forgot to tell me! At least I got him to do some full-on sex photos and video with me for my website before it all came crashing down. After months of going at it with rough sex in the office and sucking his cock in the parking lot, I'm thankful I got to document a bunch to share with you all. Fuck, I really hate that I still miss that seriously thick cock of his LOL. After my last contribution, that fucker even emailed me trying to apologize so he could fuck me again! If he doesn't back off, he's gonna feel my wrath! ROFL. Anyhow, I'm amazed at the reaction to the sex video and photos that I already posted on my site, and I just put up some more. I still haven't found a new job or a new cock (sadly), I've just been relaxin, catching up on email, working on my site, and checking out the daily contributions here. Thank you for all the supportive comments and emails, it means more to me than you could ever imagine! I've said it before, but Kate and the crew are doing an awesome job and I'm thankful they created this place for all of us! You rock in so many ways! I hope you all enjoy these photos too; they were taken over the summer--shortly before it all went to hell--before, during, and after some hot mid-day fucking. LOL.

my favorite thing about 'before sex' is that my hair and makeup still look all put together

Damon: Hi Lexi!

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