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truck flashing

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Aug 6, 2000

took a little trip down south recently and stayed in some dumpy little dive on the gulf of mexico. the first night there i here a bunch of hoop'n and howl'n outback while im unloading the car. i that a peek around the corner and there is about 10 drunk'n college boys at the place next door watching my wife shower thru what was nothing more than frosted glass. i couldnt belive it. you could see her plain as day, and she never suspected a thing the whole time we were there. as for the trip down she wore a white tee shirt that was cut off above her low hanging nipples from south of atlanta all the way to ocala fla. we had the roof down and the wind blew what was left of that shirt every where but off. not one truck even honked, i dont think anyone noticed.she switched to a bikini top after it got too hot and greased up her titties for a tanker truck that followed us for miles and flashed a truck full of laborers that honked and waved at her. the trip home she wore a dress with her tits squezzzed out of it all the way from tampa to lexington ky. she had a fan club of truckers rooting her on. we both had a great time, got a lot of sun and are looking forward to another trip.

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