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Stormy last Series

Posted by: VW

Aug 1, 1998

Poker is my game, Stormy is the name! How about some Sacramento peoplegetting together for some five card stud? Stormy Tends the Bar! Ok guysyou want more, how much more? I had a chance to try my hand at tending barand I just was so embarrassed! I would forget who ordered what and I alwaysmade to much head! I mean when I pored the draft beer it had too much head.If that was not enough, I would forget all the prices, and the guys wouldpay me double of what they normally paid. Why? I worked there about threenights and everyone wanted to teach me all these weird dice games. The onethey played the most was liar's dice and I just never learned how to lie.They asked me if I knew how to play strip poker, and I lied. I said showme how? They did, and I was the second one to lose it all! One of the youngerguys beat me, and was sitting naked! But I lost right after that. Then weplayed Truth or Dare. I lost again because I always tell the truth. So Ihad to accept the dares. Boy was I stupid, I should have said truth andlied. Well finally my girlfriend got to ask the question, and shE put thisyoung man on the spot. She dared him to eat me, in front of the rest ofthem. I won, I won Big Time, and he did it. So now you will have to lookat a ton of pictures to see the story unfold. It's all been submitted. Thebartending, the dancing, the Liar's Dice, Strip Poker, and truth or dare.Here you go Kate, figure out how you are going to put this one together.Stormy

Damon: I took us 3 years to figure out the correct order....we hooe thatwe have done it correctly!

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