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Jan Dogging In The Uk

Posted by: Jan and Rob

Sep 28, 2006

Jan Dogging In The Uk - Here is the more explicit pictures from the set I posted into the Free Voyeurweb. This was our first go at Dogging. For those who don't know, Dogging is the act of driving to a scluded carpark and masturbating or having sex in front of strangers. Sometimes the strangers can join in. Enjoy Jan xxx

Continuing from the Free Voyeurweb set, here you see our "guest" enjoying a blowjob.

Damon: Well hello Jan!

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  • I'm thrilled we aren't having to sustain ourselves from the garden. In my community garden plot the powdery mildew moved over from my neighbour's overly watered zucchini to infest mine. We got two zucchini before the plants bit the dust. The tomatoes I planted in SIPs have done just okay. Definitely not as well as my neighbour's tomatoes in gallon pots. I grew the plants from seed, so they should have all done equally well. But not so. I wonder if our heat isn't too much for the less-protected roots. I picked the first ripe Brandywine tomato yesterday and bless him &^%$ my husband ate the entire thing like an apple. I didn't even get a taste. The tiny tims are outdoing themselves in the 4 x 4 bed in back. They are hanging with tomatoes and beginning to ripen a few a day. We've had a couple
  • Thanks for the article. I was rolling my eyes the whole time. As a female who understands the importance of lifting heavy chin-ups (no assistance), dips on the bar (no assistance thank you), push-ups (military style) no bosu ball required, I make it my habit to constantly stress to the participants in my fitness class the importance of form, form, form, form. I am a dancer and have always used the gym for cross-training purposes. I watch trainers at my gym who have no idea what they are doing. They look completely bored with the client. They talk to them for 20 minutes straight as the clients "rests" from their bicep curls with 5 lb. weights. I am not a certified personal trainer yet but I hope to be one by the end of the summer. It is a piece of paper that I need. Experience is the key.
  • Andrea...answer to your question...yes there is a variety of colors...I used henna to color my light brown with a lot of grey, a rich medium brown with henna. It is a real pain in the buttocks, for me lots of mixing other stuff to do what I needed...like black coffee in place of the water, egg and vinegar and vegetable oil added (per package instructions)...my hair color...beautiful!!! Many compliments...the main thing I really like about it is it does not strip your natural color and then replace it, it just coats it so you don't have the ugly, fried, fade going on, and when your roots grow out you don't notice them much. I have tried to find other permanent hair color products that don't suck your natural color out that is easier to use and I haven't found any. I bought mine at Whole Foo
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