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Jordan B: The First Shoot Ever!

Posted by: Logan

Dec 28, 2006

So I have actually been posting a bunch of old pictures...some of this is to make up for my laziness during the holidays (you try chasing some of these girls down during the holidays!) so I have just been enjoying home and going through my computer a whole bunch....its fun! I'm a total nerd girl and yes...I get off on cleaning up my computer...but its all good...I'm cute right?

Anyways...I found an old batch of photos I never posted of Jordan...and I thought you might get a kick out of them! She looks SOOOOOO different now...all skinny and stuff...but these pics were taken the very first time we tried this out. The camera was all sucky so some are a bit grainy...but the ones that need to be clear are ALLL good.

I'll never forget this day...it was summer and she had just come from the beach (she had a bit of a sunburn) and I thought she was the hottest little thing ever....I mean....look at her!

Her adjusting her earrings....looking all cute...but so different then she looks now! Look how short her hair is!

Damon: She's cute no matter what she does!

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All Comments (46)
  • You are very nice baby, humm you are superb,
    very hot woman.extraordinarly sexy, great Boobs,great pussy & great ass.I am very exitatde for your body ........mmmmmm my great cock in your ass i am comming......great

  • Great Start, Jordan...I voted superb, bex you are...that smile and those eyes won me...and then...and then...so much more of you to lick, suck, fuck, flick, massage, rub, eat...and on.....................
  • Those are killer eyes too
  • Whatta doll...Cant wait for more.
  • Fantastic rear view
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