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Posted by: Mr Triathlon

Jul 13, 1999

Hi Kate, First of all : great site. Love to peak in now and then. But since I have my digi-camera (photocamera that is) I found out about how easy it is to take some innocent pictures. These were made on the beach in Holland in a weekend in July. As I have no zoom and such a things I have to get a bit close to get something on. But I also can not come to close, as they will start asking questions, especially the persons on these shots are good friends and relatives. Anyway, nice topless isn't bad as the dutch say. But next weekend I'll spend alone on a nude-beach, so let's see what pictures we can take there. Another question is that if I can take pictures for the redcloud zone (you'll never know how horny the wife can get?) do I get access than for contribute with pictures or do I have to BUY access anyway ? That'll be hard as my wife sees the creditcard-bill. For me it's no problem to place the "hard-core-pics) in the NIP zone (that is if I'll be able to make some pics at all). Please let me know. For correspondence you can use this e-mail, but please don't show the e-mail on the web as many friends know this address. Hope you like the pics and please encourage me with nice comments to take more. I'm starting to like this. As I'm also slightly bi-sexual I'll be trying to get some blowjob pics of my own, when a guy will be doing the job, if you know what I mean. I'll try on the nude beach. Well, enough for now Place a nice story and my pics and I'll be back with more As I'm still a learner, sorry for the size. I don't know yet how to send them compressed. I hope you can handle it. Oops, almost forgot : please call them : beach-babes. regards and keep up the good site

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