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One For The Boys in Uniform

Posted by: mdb111103

Jul 16, 2013

I thank you guys everyday...Ooorah!

Bart: You just made something stand to attention. Very erect stand to your tits & pussy.

Bart: Great ass view. It looks like it should be spanked regularly.

Bart: Point of entry from the back?

Bart: The soldiers would like to show their appreciation.

Bart: Moving closer to test the erect..... of the soldier.

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  • now there's a pussy just made for licking
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  • love her figure!
  • Gross, in every imaginable respect. This grotesque display almost makes me seem violated. There is not a single aspect of this woman that might be construed as attractive. Just quit...please for the sake of all humanity!
  • Damn. What a gorgeous thing you are. Your face is darned near angelic. In fact it is angelic. Pic 6 tells me everything I need to know about how promising an aura you have. Your aura projects pleasure beyond description. The way you have spread your thighs in such an inviting and promising way has a certain part of my body responding with great anticipation of what a thrill it would be to spend a weekend in a resort hotel with you. So much softness and such dangerous curves make you an extremely sensual and enticing sex and bed mate.
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