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Yb Wyorae Tutors Giselle

Posted by: olddude51

Nov 12, 2002

Welcome to the 2002 issue of the VW Yearbook, where you can see many of your favorites from the VW campus, including teachers, administrators, and staff members. Browse through it with us, and see what we've been up to lately! WyoRae, Mathematics Tutor WyoRae had always done well in school, but it was mathematics where she really excelled. Maybe it was the extra attention she received from her mathematics instructor when she wore her revealing tops. Or maybe it was the way she loved to play with hard problems until they were all worked out. Or maybe it was the fact the other students wanted her to come over for extra attention after school. Or maybe it was that time she tutored the entire basketball team on the back of the team bus that made her the most liked math tutor at VW High School. No one knows for sure, but something must have happened for her to be voted Most Likely to Invert and Multiply. Giselle...All-Around BAD Girl Giselle has never quite fit in... Sometime during her sophomore year, she lost her urge to concentrate during her classes. She was constantly distracted by the short skirts and cleavage bearing female students. Her bad girl image took over when she invited the boys wrestling team over to her apartment for some naked oil wrestling matches. The rumor mill has it that Giselle has also "disciplined" the Principal, Miss. HiHeels, after she caught her sneaking out of the French teacher's (Mr. Dome) classroom smoking. ( Must have been demonstrating how they kiss in France). Friends have been hard to come by, she is always stealing other girls' boyfriends at parties and makes them her bitch by the end of the night. It is a shame that her hard work and dedication to making her high school classmates cum to their senses is not going to allow her to walk on graduation night. So, we leave Giselle with her smokes, her fifth, and her hot magazines to find her way in the "Real World". Editors Note: Three months after graduation, Giselle was seen running naked onstage at the Bon Jovi concert. Enjoy your new yearbook, and please don't forget to sign our memory pages! Equipment: Olympus C-2500L Digital Camera, Two Hot Blondes, & One Battery Operated Toy

The thing is, though, what Giselle was studying, WyoRae was willing to learn.

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