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Lube Job

Posted by: Redbunny

Jun 20, 2014

I love getting down and dirty. The most important part of doing a job right is using the right tool! I also thought it might be fun to give the panties from this adventure to one of you! I wore them all day and then i made this video with them on. After I read all the comments I will pick the member that seems to need them the most! If this is something you like I will do this for every video! Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoy!!!

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All Comments (80)
  • If only you could package those panties... You could make a fortune!! I would love a pair... I bet the combo of hubby and you is spectacular on those lovely panties!! Stephenjones892@ymail.com
  • I would love to have that pair of panties! Better yet, I'd love to suck that metallic fertilizer right out of your pussy and then kiss you while I make my own deposit!
  • Redbunny where have you been - You are the best and it has been months since you've graced us with anything new...
  • I am just going to extend a HUGGGEEEEEE thank you to Redbunny to following through with her promise to mail her panties to me. I don't think that there are words in the English language to tell you just how incredible she smells and tastes. To say it is an unforgettable experience is so inadequate. I am now officially in LUST with this gorgeous sexy wonderful woman. Thank you Bunny!
  • WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!! All that burning of grey matter cells wasn't for naught! SO FUCKIN HAPPY!!
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