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Wife Nikki Brazil is Secret Agent 69 Infiltrating Fantasy Fest! And Nikki Vs The Plumber!

Posted by: NikkiBrazil

Nov 24, 2014

First thanks to all those positive messages. Nikki reads them all and answered some too. She got some panties in the mail from VW friend whos name we will just say is Wolf;) First part of the video is silly fun we had at Fantasy Fest as Nikki was playing "Secret Agent 69"! Then the feature video is "Nikki Vs The Plumber!" The plumber was over with his assistant working on the bathroom tub upstairs. We stuffed some paper towel in the kitchen sink and I let Nikki set up the cam and I go outside for a swim so they know im busy. The boss leaves the assistant downstairs unclogging the sink and the rest is history! Had to edit down 20 minutes into six so enjoy the show! He sure did!

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All Comments (78)
  • Think I found the UK version of Nikki Brazil... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11zUiyxWp2Y anyone know who she is?
  • best sex dating, open link ➯ http://naked-girls.online/c/track/l/voyeurweb/3174938-wife-nikki-brazil-is-secret-agent-69-infiltrating-fantasy-fest-and-nikki-vs-the-plumber
  • HI GUYS MISS YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!!  Just wanted to tell you that
    voyeurchamp wrote a post about my last year away from voyeurweb.  I have
    some videos still coming out on voyeurchamp.com so be on the lookout. 
    Its been fun sharing with all of you and hearing about how hot everyone
    gets over my videos.  Started out as a fun thing but family and life
    made it so that I had to move on.  Who knows, maybe one day I post on vw
    again.  Until then enjoy my vids here and on voyeurchamp, oh and I
    think I still have some videos up at iLoveNikkiBrazil.com but my hubby
    may have let the site expire, not sure but maybe.  So Im still around
    reading comments once in a while and I really do miss all of you and all
    the fun.  Keep enjoying yourselves!  XOXO Nikki Brazil
  • Wow! You are proof that dreams come true!
  • Crikey Nikki...Your so fucking HOT...and your body...OMG! I'm surprised I can even type at this point...When you gonna be in Boca? You better let me know cause I want FRONT ROW seats...Pretty please then4cr@gmail.com
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