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Girl Girl Fun

Posted by: JessicaP

Feb 12, 2015

After seeing me with another girl my BF really enjoyed it, so I knew this girl from the cinema who kept looking at me..... so I came right out and asked if she would like to have sex with me ...... SHE SAID YES.... so my BF filmed us.. she has agreed to have a 3 sum with us next ... so we will have that soon ... This made me so wet.. so fucking horny and my BF gave me a hard fuck after

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  • I thought I had had saw all of Jessica's posts.  I can't believe I missed this until now.  As always, hot, Hot, HOT!!!!  So you said there was supposed to be a 3 sum.  Where is it?
  • I'm a straight, female, but, both these girls have such big, yummy, clits, that I was thinking I might like to try giving them a lick and a suck, and, maybe they'd return the favor???
  • WOW!  The blonde has such a big, juicy, beautiful, clit, and, I LOVE the way her friend works, and, teases it!  I was massaging my own clit while I watched this, and, almost let go of my own big O, but, I managed to hold it back. i love to get my clit big, swollen, and, hard, then just tease it, for a long as possible, enjoying that AMAZING GOOD FEELING! Thanks! 
  • OH! WOW! Made me so hot and hard< so Sexy LOVE it
  • fantastic, beautiful gals, perfect bodies, now lets see them fucking.
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