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Shaved In The Shower

Posted by: Real Ex Nun

Dec 9, 2016

I am particularly shy in person. I uploaded my first tit flash photo, hiding my face, to see if I was "approved" by men. I, too, am too embarrassed to be seen in person, perhaps thinking that I could not handle well being considered not properly endowed. After seeing so many positive comments, I must admit that I was also turned on and eventually showed my face too. Flattery worked and now I am showing much more than I ever dreamed of. I want to encourage myself and other women to leave our prejudice and our embarrassment aside and do what's right and have our regular physical checkups! For those of you that wish to comment, please try not to hurt my feelings! This is a huge step for me!

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  • Brian249x, I just want to second your very kind and supportive comment. Please keep it up. I know the ladies appreciate you.
  • You're beautiful and sexy just like you are! Any man would be lucky to have you to come home to.
  • Delightful, well-proportioned, and sexy as all-get-out! You could make a man happy and keep him happy for life, if you wanted to. You know what you need different? Nothing, not a single thing.
  • I like what I see... and want more!
  • The false impression that Hugh Hefner and other juvenile minded males have given women is terrible. It always makes me very sad to see a moan whose body has been disfigured by breast implants. You are a very pretty woman with awonderful, well proportioned figure. Thank you for sharing your beauty.
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