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Playing With A Pizza Driver

Posted by: JamesD

Feb 28, 2018

Beth decided that she had so much fun teasing one of the pizza delivery drivers that she wanted to do a "return visit",  give him a MUCH better look as he explored her tight young body, and... perhaps get a little more "intimate", as well. As you can see by her face, she LOVED this afternoon session. (sorry 'bout the blur on the pizza boy's face - he insists on remaining anonymous)

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All Comments (150)
  • Are you ever going to show the video of this??
  • Beth,  we have yet to see a cock slide it whole length into your sweet, tight young virgin pussy.  I would love to see you just lay on your back, spread those legs, and give me a call!!!  sweet dreams on my part!!  You are sweet!!!    I'll be your slave, only if I can fuck you a few times a day.
  • oh my!  how do i want to fuck you, you poor little girl!  I see you laying down on your back an just spreading those awesome legs.  If you would like a nice 7" cock pound you for a couple hours let me know.  I'll suck on your nipples as i insert  my cock into you wet pulsating pussy.  Try not to scream as i slide my 7'" cock into your cunt hard as I can for about 20 minutes.  Sorry, I am a little ruff, but some girls like it. So Beth, I have a great camera and you have an awesome body.
  • You are such a delight! He's one lucky bastard! Tell us, Beth, why him? What qualities did he possess that made you choose him? 
  • Beth you are the hottest lady here. Love those sweet little titties. Is there a set, on video, where we see where the pizza guy drops his load? I know I'd shoot from your mouth to those tits.
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